RVH Solutions' suite of healthcare technology services
helps improve profitability and outcomes
while empowering staff

Analyze Data | Reduce Costs | Increase Profits

Teamwrks Strategic leverages a robust AI analytics engine to identify operational opportunities and develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the health system.

Teamwrks Workflow offers next-gen workforce optimization that focuses on department level output volumes to reduce costs instead of hours.

Teamwrks Project Engine provides technology to empower client-generated ideation, management, and execution of margin and quality opportunities.

Teamwrks eVal evaluates and analyzes your data and provides estimated cost savings opportunities for your hospital or healthcare system.

Driving Frictionless
Change Through Innovation

RVH Solutions mission is to develop innovative technologies that delve beyond “analytics and metrics” into “root causes and actionable intelligence” so that leaders are empowered to improve margin without reducing labor or risking outcomes.

To accomplish our mission, RVHS’ team is comprised of seasoned data scientists, mathematicians, process experts and hospital executives that collaboratively develop machine learning technologies that extend their customer’s internal operational expertise.

What We Do

Seeing Behind The Curtain

Healthcare leaders today live in an era of unprecedented transformation and complexity. Leaders face new payment models, new incentive structures, and new regulatory requirements along with more intense demands to meet budgetary targets. Financial results and clinical outcomes will be intertwined as never before, changing not only business models but the fundamental nature of healthcare.

The Teamwrks Technology Suite lowers the burden and removes the barriers to sustainable success, while equipping hospital leaders and staff with the tools needed to own the change.