Teamwrks Response

As we monitor the COVID-19 situation developing around the world, our top priority is to maintain the health and safety of our employees, clients and community members while striving for an exemplary level of client service. Click below to see how our clients are using our tools for scenario planning and to identify capacity as they plan for high volume, pent-up demand and returning to the “new normal” situations.

Rapid Scenario Planning Technology for COVID19, Pent-Up Demand, and Volume

Facilitate crafting variable workforce strategies in an expedient manner to address surges in volume and acuity and disruption to staff due to both COVID-19 impacts and the resulting pent-up demand from procedures and visit currently being delayed.

You’re doing your part, now let us do ours!

Demand Matching Technology

Rapid Planning Scenario

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Mathematical Volume and Revenue

Mathematically Substantiated Volume and Revenue Projections for CARES Funding

Hospitals must quantify the loss of revenue from COVID-19 in order to recover necessary funds from the government. One of the most critical and often critiqued piece of data is quantifying lost revenue due to volume loss resulting from the closing of units and departments affected by COVID-19. Submitting budgeted volume is not adequate. Hospitals will need to defend the methodology in the calculation of expected volume.


RVHS - Covid-19- Horizontal Bar

Post COVID-19: Full System Situational Awareness and Rapid Insights for Operational Improvement in the “New Normal”

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Epidemiological Projections

Our Community Model allows users to input service area or zip code and vary assumptions, then provides forecasts on:
  • Estimated community infections
  • Estimated hospitalizations
  • Estimated Deaths
  • Estimated Isolation Bed Surplus/Shortfall
  • Estimated Added Ventilator Needs
  • Critical Staff Shortfall

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